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July 15, 2013 – Disrupts Shipping Industry with Name Your Price Shipping is changing the pricing dynamic of the shipping industry, by allowing businesses to name their price for empty space on trucks.

NEWPORT, KY– June 27, 2013 – With the launch of, a web-based shipping platform, small business owners and shipping personnel who feel they pay high prices for shipping with freight carriers, are now empowered to save time and money. Using paradigm shifting technology, first embraced by the travel industry, OneMorePallet introduces Name Your Price ShippingTM. Businesses name the price they would like to pay, and in less than ten seconds, “matches” shippers with qualified carriers who have excess capacity on their trucks in that shipping lane. Instead of calling around, searching, and negotiating with carriers, shippers simply name the price they would like to pay for their shipment. Businesses save time and money, in a similar fashion to how consumers find great deals on hotels and airfare.

For shippers, means:
-Eliminating time spent searching for qualified carriers.
-Saving money on shipping by procuring space on trucks with excess capacity.
-A simple, easy to use website, yielding immediate results.

For carriers, means:
-Filling excess capacity and backhaul on specific shipping lanes.
-Finding new customer without adding salespeople.

“Small shipper’s small volume prevents them from negotiating favorable shipping rates like the big boys. levels the playing field.”, said Bill Cunningham, founder and CEO of “Most small business shipping departments have little time to find qualified shippers, and negotiate low pricing. We have democratized the small business shipping community by creating Name Your Price ShippingTM. A shipper spends a minute or two describing their shipment and naming their price. Then, in less than 10 seconds, our system matches them with a qualified carrier. It’s that easy.”

“ has changed the way we ship. Having access to a network of quality carriers, willing to offer great rates on the empty space in their trucks is a game changer.” said Mark Kochendorfer of Greenskeeper Turf Management. “This saves us time and money, and its kind of fun watching the system find us a match!”

Visit for more information or contact Bill Cunningham at or 855-438-1667 x702. Disrupts Shipping Industry with Name Your Price Shipping
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Posted 7/15/13 at 3:27pm by OneMorePallet