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IndustryHuddle FAQs

  1. What is IndustryHuddle?

    • IndustryHuddle is a free Social Trade Network, an online community, focused on business to business (B2B) industry networking. We are the social media site that works to promote direct sales growth for your company, not just “likes” or “follows.” We also offer much more than your typical industry directory or buyer’s guide. IndustryHuddle helps companies find the right suppliers, distributors and customers within their industry or industries. Our B2B resources take your business beyond social media to achieve actual sales.
  2. How can IndustryHuddle save my company money and increase our sales?

    • Find New Customers and Suppliers – After joining IndustryHuddle, you can search through your industry or industries to find potential sales leads for your company. Likewise, other companies searching for a supplier may contact you once you are listed.
    • Request for Quote (RFQ) - IndustryHuddle users have the ability to upload bids and send quotes directly to their suppliers and customers via our secure online messaging service. This feature is hassle-free and you can even receive an e-mail notification when someone contacts you through the system. With a click of a button your customers can also request product samples and information about your company and services.
    • Online Sales – Buy and sell products directly through the IndustryHuddle platform. At IndustryHuddle, we work to protect the integrity of the supply chain, so you will be able to choose which companies (e.g. distributors, contractors, end-users, etc.) can see your sales listings. The products you have for sales will be hidden from all other types of companies. We make it easy for you to find the best suppliers or customers for your industry, and then you can make your online purchase securely using our encrypted system.
    • Promotions – Gain access to special promotions and exclusive deals in your industries by simply joining. You can also offer a promotion of your own to the customers and industries that you select.
    • Business and Operational Savings – We have negotiated tremendous savings with big-name companies. When you join IndustryHuddle, you can immediately take advantage of these savings by going to the “Huddle Savings” page for members only. Our current offers include:
      • Chevron / Texaco – Save up to 6 cents per gallon at the pump
      • Staples – Up to 62% off
      • Sprint – 25%-35% savings on cellular plans
      • ADP Payroll Processing – Save 25% on payroll processing
      • Office Depot – Average 15% off
      • International Parcel – Save 20% on shipping
      • UniFirst – Average 60% off “standard street” pricing on uniforms
      • Plus savings on marketing, legal services, technology, and many more!

      So hurry up and join now to take advantage of these exclusive deals through IndustryHuddle!

  3. Is IndustryHuddle for me or my company?

    • IndustryHuddle has more than 60 industries represented, and when you register your company, you also specify your company type. You can sign up as either:
      • Contractor
      • Distributor, Dealer or Wholesaler
      • End-User (Consumer)
      • Franchise
      • Industry Association or Group
      • Manufacturer, Importer or Master Wholesaler
      • Manufacturers Rep
      • Professional
      • Publication (Magazine, Online Media, etc.)
      • Retailer
      • Service Provider (Consulting, Legal, Logistics, Software, etc.)
  4. What industries are on IndustryHuddle?

  5. Can I join more than one industry?

    • Yes. As a matter of fact, many companies find it beneficial to join multiple industries which are relevant to their business. We allow you to only get updates about the companies or industries you care about, and leave the rest out. You can view upcoming events, announcements, and other news for your specified industries. You also have the ability to send industry-wide press releases about your own company.
  6. How can I advertise on IndustryHuddle?

    • If you want to increase your marketing exposure and generate sales, IndustryHuddle allows you to advertise to select company types and specific target industries. You might also want to sponsor an industry. Click to find out more about advertising on IndustryHuddle.
  7. What does it mean when I “HuddleUp” with a company?

    • Just as some websites have you “like” or “follow” others, we have an option for companies to get closer when you “HuddleUp.” This feature allows you to let companies see information you may have hidden from general users (e.g. promotions, sales listings, etc.). You can also see updates from these companies in your “Huddle Post,” or announcements page. This one simple tool lets you control how you share your company’s information online while also keeping you informed about the companies you care about.
  8. Who sees my information on IndustryHuddle?

    • That’s up to you. When you join IndustryHuddle, you can choose what information about your company is visible and to whom. There are settings to make the information completely public or visible only to these companies that you choose. *IndustryHuddle does not sell our members’ information.