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Online Sales Guidelines

By registering as a seller or creating a listing on IndustryHuddle, you agree to pay all IndustryHuddles fees and assume full responsibility for the content of your listing and products or services offered. You agree and understand that IndustryHuddle cannot guarantee where your item will appear in the search listings or that your item will be sold. IndustryHuddle reserves the right to remove, modify or edit any listing, or to suspend any seller from using IndustryHuddle at any time at its sole discretion.

IndustryHuddle facilitates transactions between you and buyers. You are the seller in all of your transactions with buyers. IndustryHuddle does not take title to items or services that you list on our website to sell, and IndustryHuddle is not a party to those transactions. You are solely and fully responsible and liable for all of your transactions with buyers.

Sellers are required to place either a credit card or bank (ACH Direct) account information on file before items can be listed for sale. All sales fees will be charges approximately fifteen (15) days after a purchase agreement has been reached through the Website. If your credit card or bank information is incorrect or if the information fails to authorize, you will not be able to list additional items until your information has been properly updated and your account balance paid in full, and you shall be responsible for all resulting losses, damages, and/or costs to IndustryHuddle and any other party.

General Sales Guidelines. You agree to not create any misleading listings, list an item that may be out of stock at the time of purchase, list an item that you’re simultaneously selling outside of IndustryHuddle, substitute an item for an item that is not what you advertised in your listing, change the terms of any sales once a buyer has committed to a purchase (including the listed shipping amount), provide false tracking information, fail to honor your stated return policy, fail to deliver any products or services lawfully purchased, disclaim responsibility for an item’s delivery or condition, or circumvent or manipulate the billing process.

If your item is sold, we will send you an e-mail that contains the buyer's contact information and details about the purchased item, including the total purchase amount. From the time someone agrees to buy your item you have a maximum of five (5) days to contact that buyer at the e-mail address located in the notification e-mail sent you. The buyer is also required to contact you within the same five (5) days.

As a seller, you shall do the following:

  • Protect all buyers’ information in accordance with IndustryHuddle’s Privacy Policy. You shall not disclose, sell, license, or otherwise transfer any buyer information to any third party or use any buyer information for the transmission of unsolicited commercial communications. IndustryHuddle retains the right to inspect and audit your use, disclosure, retention, and protection of buyer information, and you agree to amend, delete, or cease using buyer information upon IndustryHuddle’s request.
  • Charge and list reasonable shipping and handling costs (free shipping is encouraged!)
  • Specify your return policy (including whether you permit returns, the conditions under which an item can be returned, the time period and manner in which a buyer must notify you about a return, how the refund is issued, who pays for return shipping, and any additional fees that apply)
  • Respond to buyers' questions or concerns promptly
  • Manage your inventory and ensure the item you are offering is in stock
  • Meet the expectation you've set in your listing
  • Contact the buyer within a maximum of five (5) days after a purchase agreement has been made using the buyer's contact information provided within the notification e-mail you will receive.
  • Send the buyer clear instructions on making payment including your name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, item information and the name of our site (IndustryHuddle).
  • Deliver the item to the buyer, as described in your listing, within five (5) days after payment has been received from the buyer.

Listing an Item

When listing an item, you shall:

  • Provide accurate and detailed information
  • Describe only the item you're selling in the listing
  • Specify the condition of the item, making sure to describe any defects or flaws
  • Upload a photo of the item (if possible). All photos must be accurate.
  • Describe your return policy (in detail including who pays shipping and other fees)
  • Include the shipping method, costs and other information
  • Clearly state what forms of payment are acceptable
  • Include the terms of the transaction
  • Include any taxes or other government imposed fees

Prohibited Listings

The following items may not be sold on IndustryHuddle:

  • adult-only items
  • obscene material and/or child pornography
  • airline tickets that restrict transfer, and tickets of any kind which you are not authorized to sell
  • alcohol and tobacco products
  • animals (of any kind) or animal parts, blood, or fluids (including mounted specimens, ivory and stud/breeding service)
  • art, artifacts, and grave-related items
  • batteries (used or rebuilt), or batteries containing mercury
  • burglary tools, including lock-picks or motor vehicle master keys
  • Catalytic Converters that are prohibited by the U.S. Government
  • clothing and bedding (used), unless sanitized in accordance with law
  • contracts (of any kind)
  • charity and Fundraising
  • cosmetics (Used)
  • counterfeit currency, coins, stamps, tickets, or merchandise, or equipment designed to make such counterfeit goods
  • coupons or gift cards that restrict transfer, and coupons or gift cards which you are not authorized to sell
  • credit cards
  • currency
  • controlled substances (including prescription drugs and illegal drugs)
  • drug paraphernalia and items used to manufacture controlled substances
  • electronics equipment that is illegal, including access cards, password sniffers, cable descramblers, radar scramblers and traffic signal control devices
  • electronic surveillance equipment including wiretapping devices and telephone bugging devices
  • embargoed goods from prohibited countries such as Cuba
  • event tickets
  • false identification cards, items with police insignia, citizenship documents, or birth certificates
  • weapons, including firearms, knives, martial arts weapons, stun guns, pepper spray, silencers, ammunition, and pellet/B.B. guns
  • fire extinguishers Empty Fire Extinguishers are allowed, as well as Fire extinguishers that don't contain carbon tetrachloride. However antique fire extinguishers are NOT allowed. Fire extinguishers (including glass bulb fire extinguishers and brass fire extinguishers with a T-shaped handle) are also NOT allowed to be sold on IndustryHuddle.
  • fireworks, including "safe" fireworks or explosives
  • food and beverages (unless listed, labeled, and sold in full compliance of all relevant state and federal laws and regulations). To learn more about how to safely and legally sell food and healthcare items, visit the FDA website and read the policy and guidelines.
  • gambling items, including slot machines
  • gift cards
  • government IDs, documents or licenses
  • government and transit items such as subway employee uniforms, U.S. Postal Service mailbags, airplane operation manuals, etc.
  • hazardous materials such as batteries, refrigerants, fireworks, combustible items, radioactive materials, pesticides and poisons
  • human body parts, blood, or bodily fluids
  • Items encouraging illegal activity
  • lottery tickets
  • mailing lists and personal information
  • military Items or items issued to the U.S. Armed Forces that have not been disposed of in accordance with Department of Defense demilitarization policies (See also Firearms, Weapons and Knives)
  • medical devices that require a prescription
  • multi-level marketing, pyramid schemes and matrix programs
  • nonprescription drugs that make false or misleading treatment claims or treatment claims that require FDA approval
  • offensive material
  • pesticides and poisons
  • plants and seeds, except where they are allowed in the location you want to sell. Review the state-by-state list of regulated noxious weeds, pests, and quarantined items, and consult with the state and local authorities to determine whether the items that you're thinking about selling or buying are legal in your state.
  • police-related items
  • postage meters
  • presale items (items that are not available yet)
  • prescription drugs
  • real estate
  • recalled items
  • stamps
  • stocks and other securities
  • stolen property or property with serial number removed or altered. This also includes material that infringes copyright, including software or other digital goods you are not authorized to sell.
  • travel