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Complete Logistics Consulting

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6112 N Howard Ave
Ste 1
Kansas City, MO 64118


My company, Complete Logistics Consulting (CLC), focuses on saving businesses just like yours money on its transportation costs by using our extensive network and knowledge of the logistics industry to your benefit. Unlike most transportation services, we work strictly for you! We only care about your company’s needs and have every incentive to make sure you’re completely satisfied! Generally, our fee is solely based on a percentage of the money we’re able to save you on your current charges. We also aim to eliminate any issues, problems or unresolved challenges with your unique transportation needs.
I founded CLC strictly as an advocate for businesses just like yours. I know how to save your company money on transportation fees because my main job as the Operations Manager of different third party logistics companies was to increase our profit margins on businesses just like yours. I use the same tried-and-true methods (and some new ones) that have consistently worked for third party logistics companies (3PLs). Only when you use CLC, you reap all the rewards!

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Our Advantage

Low Risk – You risk nothing. CLC does all the work to save you money on your current rates.

Save Money – All fees charged by CLC are based solely on a percentage of the money we save you.

Small Commitment – Once we look at your transportation arrangement/s to set goal & need parameters, you commit to nothing financially or otherwise until we’ve secured money saving & or more responsive transportation options for you.

Transition Assistance – Included in our price is the assistance you need with any transition of changing service providers, if necessary. We help train your team on any new process implementation. We can also make arrangements for CLC services longer term if you request.

Peace Of Mind – By using CLC’s services you have insured your best interests financially. We have every incentive to save you the most money possible & meet your needs, unlike a direct carrier or 3PL. They have an obvious incentive to make the best possible deal for themselves, not you.

Transparency – CLC will share our gathered information with you every step of the way. When you select a deal from our options you’ll know this is the price you pay to the carrier, period. Unlike a 3PL in which case you generally have no idea how much they’re making off you.

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