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8280 Montgomery Rd.
Suite 305
Cincinnati, OH 45236
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P.O. Box 111150
Naples, FL 34110


DPA Buying Group is a member-driven buying and marketing organization of independent distributors and national suppliers.

Our Mission is to help you increase your sales and profits. We have created an environment where you will develop new business relationships and lifelong friendships.

We serve hundreds of independent distributors and national suppliers in the Janitorial/Sanitary, Safety Equipment & Clothing, Industrial, Packaging and Restoration industries. DPA distributors work with the group's preferred supplier partners for mutual sales and growth opportunities.

Annual Sales Volume

Over $1 Billion

Number of Employees


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Summer Heat: Going on until August 31, 2016.
Many new suppliers, including Makita Tool, Eklind Tool, and Royal Packaging!
DPA is proud to welcome TaraTape to our packaging division! Learn more at:
Airmaster Fan has a pedigree dating back to the first patented electric fan. They're also our newest member.

"Airmaster® Fan Company is proud to be a new DPA preferred supplier. We trace our roots to the Diehl Fan Company, who patented the first practical electrical fan in 1886. A hundred years later Airmaster® acquired the Chelsea, Brundage and Power Line Fan operations from Clevepak Corporation. Brundage started production in 1919, Chelsea in 1935 and Power Line in 1957. Airmaster® maintained each operating independently to different market segments. Sales and marketing were consolidated by Airmaster® in 2002 to improve operations and concentrate on fulfilling customer needs.

Airmaster®'s only focus is fans. The factory is complete with engineering staff, certified laboratory for design and development, metal fabricating machinery, and tool and die facilities. Located in Jackson, Michigan, the company maintains stocking warehouses across the U.S., offering the largest line of air moving equipment in North America. Sales are made through the wholesale distributor by representative agencies. Airmaster® exports
throughout the world.

Names may change, but the high quality standards in product and service, for
which Airmaster® and its predecessors were noted, remain the same: reliable products, uncompromising quality and prompt service."

Visit them here:

Paint Brushes and Rollers, Caulk Guns, Wire Brushes - Linzer Products has you covered. Learn more at!

Our Advantage

Joining DPA will help you grow your sales and make more money through the groups joint marketing programs. DPA members also enjoy an annual buying and networking conference and extra promotions.

Apply for membership today and join the leading buying group in North America!

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