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300 Dave Cowens Drive
1 Riverfront Place, 10th Floor
Newport, KY 41071


OneMorePallet began with the idea that supply-chain transparency could empower small businesses to negotiate better freight shipping rates. At its core, optimizing the over-the-road (OTR) component of a supply chain depends on proper capacity utilization. OneMorePallet allows small businesses to bid on empty truck space in real time, use truck capacity more effectively, and drastically lower their shipping costs.

When Bill Cunningham ran Diamond Fiber Composites, a small advanced materials manufacturing company, he always paid the going spot rate for shipping due to DFC�s low volume. He would order 3 pallets of carbon fiber to get a price break, but couldn�t get a break on the shipping.

Bill met the owner of a regional carrier who had an average of 30 to 40% empty space on daily runs. She thought �why not use a model like the travel industry and have Name Your Price Shipping℠ to match customers with carriers who frequently have space for extra pallets.� Hence, the idea of OneMorePallet was born. Since OneMorePallet needed to be independent of any carrier, Bill Cunningham launched the company and has brought together a great team to build the OneMorePallet platform.

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Our Advantage

At OneMorePallet, we partner with a number of trusted carriers, to fill their unused truck space. Customers with an LTL shipment can go onto the site and name their own price for a shipment. By naming your own price, customers take control of the pricing dynamic. You can be sure that you get the best rate possible, by naming a rate lower than you can currently get. Ship a little, save a lot!



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