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August 12, 2013 – Referral and Revenue Programs now live with OneMorePallet!

OneMorePallet is now offering referral programs to benefit our loyal customers even more!

Here are the 3 current programs:

(a) customer referral program - for small business networks or one-off residential / non-profits

Every time a new referral of yours ships through OMP, you get a $50 rebate on your next OMP shipment. Limited to one rebate per referral, and the referral must ship within 2 months of sign up. These rebates can accrue, so if you referred 4 businesses, each of which placed their first shipment through our site, you would accrue $200 in rebates. After you ship, we'll send you a check for your accrued amount up until that point.

(b) associate referral program - for salespeople and consultants
(This is meant for professionals / organizations that frequently work with businesses that ship, but don't expect to ship anything themselves. I.e. manufacturing representatives, or contracted project consultants.)

After your referral network places 5 LTL orders through OMP in the month, you'll start receiving a 10% commission on the accruing value of your LTL shipments (including the past 5). So lets say your referral network ships 6 times in August through OMP and the total shipment value is $3,000. You'll receive a commission check for $300 on the last Friday of that month.

(c) logistics guru program - for 3PLs, brokers, and trucking companies with LTL overflow

Participants of this program must have a registered and active broker / carrier MC number. For each order placed through OMP, registered and approved logistics gurus will immediately receive a 10% cash rebate based on the value of the shipment. Lets say a broker were to win a bid for $1,000 for their LTL customer. The next business day that broker would be mailed a rebate check for $100. OneMorePallet agrees not to back-solicit any customers represented by the logistics guru.

For questions on any of these programs, call 855.438.1667 ext:701, or just visit!

Posted 8/12/13 at 4:21pm by OneMorePallet