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Delta Industrial Supply Co Inc

Distributor, Dealer or Wholesaler

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2313 Cold Springs Road
Fort Worth, TX 76106


Friendly Service and Quality Products Since 1961

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Our Advantage

Remember when you shopped at the neighborhood store. The butcher knew you by name, the stock boy was helpful, and the clerk checked you out with a smile and invited you to hurry back. And you did return because their service and attention to your needs made an impression on you. When Delta Industrial Supply opened its doors fifty years ago, the first rule of thumb was service. We promised to do anything we could to provide the service and attention our customers expect.

That same spirit of service is alive today. Though we are a part of the world of computers, cell phones and fax machines, we still maintain that commitment to personal customer service. When you call us on the phone you will be greeted by an actual person, not some automated, music playing, "choose an extension" robot. And if you visit our store in Fort Worth you'll be greeted with a warm smile, a cup of coffee, and a "Please come back" when you leave. And we also offer free local delivery of your order.

For those who prefer to do business via e-mail or fax we also provide this service as well. We are here to answer your questions and give advice. Our inside sales force has a combined on the job experience of over sixty years. We have sales people available for in plant and job site service applications. Delta also can arrange support from our wide range of vendors and manufacturers for special applications.

When you come to Fort Worth, please stop by, have a cup of coffee, and visit a while. You'll like doing business with us.



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