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Paramount Safety Products

Manufacturer, Importer or Master Wholesaler

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  • Safety Equipment & Clothing
  • Tools & Fasteners
  • Mining


30 Mumford Place
Balcatta, Other 6021


Paramount Safety Products designs, produces, markets and distributes the ProSafety Gear and THORZT brands of safety equipment and hydration specifically to meet tough working conditions and requirements.
Paramount was founded in Perth by the late Rob Bird in 1992. The company employs more than 50 people throughout Australia, and is now the third largest wholesaler/supplier of Personal Protective Equipment and other safety products in Australia.
The company is an Australian-Family owned company, with a national footprint of distribution centres and an extensive network of distributors. Paramount also has a branch in New Zealand and international representation in
Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Brunei and this is expanding rapidly. Being privately owned we are able to rapidly respond to product demands necessitated by large customer orders.

We have the fastest growing range of safety gear in the Australian market, with more than 300 individual items in our catalogue.
We carry nearly 40 individual models of safety specs, goggles and face shields, a choice of over 90 glove models, plus respirators (disposable and reusable), protective clothing and rain gear, sunscreen, hazard barriers and specialised safety items. Our new range of THORZT hydration is indeed one of the market leaders in innovation and product range depth.
Our products are made to attain local standards compliance, if we dont have it, we will get it.
Our manufacturers meet the required ISO 9000/9001 standards.

Paramount Safety will continue to strive to develop and deliver the highest quality and innovative safety gear available to Australians. Improvement of existing products and development of new products in line with technological advancement will see our range expand and new areas explored in the interests of keeping workers safe.
We aim to improve our international network of distributors and work harder for our Australian distributors in bringing the benefits of ProSafety Gear to end users everywhere.

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Check out the OH&S Online award winning Tool Belt Range- Flip N Grip.
Paramount are interested in speaking with companies about distribution of this great range. Please make contact to discuss opportunities available.

Our Advantage

OUR STRENGTHS- The Paramount philosophy.
The people at Paramount are committed to the service doctrine that, the customer is our most important asset.
At Paramount we are aware that the way we conduct our activities has an effect on the ability of the next person to complete their work and achieve the level of quality we all desire.
To honour the Paramount philosophy means a commitment to:
- Quality products at an economical price
- Detailed product knowledge
- Prompt service and delivery
- Listening to customer feedback
- Active research and development
- A sense of fair play.
- Support of our resellers
As a private company we have complete control over design and quality control and can act quickly on feedback received from end users on ways to improve our product range and design. Additionally we realise the importance of following the latest trends in safety products and their design and regularly travel to trade and safety shows overseas. We are in constant contact with our manufacturers to refine our product designs and materials.
We regularly attend what is recognised as the world's foremost safety shows, A+A in Dusseldorf in Germany and NSC in the USA, where we have established valuable relationships with innovators, designers and manufacturers.
We are able to meet specific product requirements or standards for individual clients or contracts.

Product Categories

  • Safety Supplies & Equipment,
  • Food and Beverage,
  • Tools & Equipment



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